While retirement may seem like a long way off, you can get the benefit of your superannuation fund now by taking advantage of concessional rates of tax on contributions and earnings. This could even result in you taking more home in your pay packet. You just need to know how.

Common questions to consider

  • When should I start contributing?
  • Should I salary sacrifice?
  • Are there benefits if I contribute for my spouse?
  • Are there benefits in consolidating my super funds?
  • How can I check whether I have any lost super?
  • When should I think about topping up my superannuation?
  • Can I take advantage of the Government’s co-contributions?

We can:

  • Review the performance of your current super fund in relation to your goals including how close you are to retirement.
  • Make recommendations about your super arrangements, based on your goals and circumstances.
  • Recommend alternative fund providers – superannuation products.
  • Review any insurance opportunities including buying insurance through your superannuation fund.

What to do next

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